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In the land of killer commutes, Salud Garcia’s trek is such a slog, she should get a gold medal at the finish line each day.She leaves her home in Reseda before dawn, takes a bus to a train, then
Dogs are said to be man's best friend, but there's a special bond that occurs between a child and their pet. The compatibility of their innocence, boundless energy, and joyfulness is truly beautiful.
The contents of bacteria in the stomach can determine whether a person will develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from infancy to late adolescence in humans, according to a new
They celebrated what doctors at NYU Langone Hospital - Long Island are calling a tiny miracle Wednesday: Little Shyne Graham finally got to go home.Shyne was born six months ago. She was 24 weeks and
Over the years, we've written about lots of ways to keep cool in a heat wave. We thought it would be nice to roundup all.
Did you know that birds live in a more vibrant world than us? They can see a broader spectrum of colors not perceptible to humans, experts previously told USA TODAY. Their vibrant colors
A hiker used her dying cell phone to call for help after something bit her and her legs went numb as she was leaving a California trail, rescuers say. The woman started her trek on John Muir Trail,
ModernaMRNA announced positive results from the pivotal phase III NextCOVE study evaluating mRNA-1283, its next-generation refrigerator-stable COVID-19 vaccine, in individuals aged 12 years and older
If a superhero is a fictional character with extraordinary or superhuman powers, then single parents are real-life superheroes. No, they don’t wear masks or have X-ray vision (unless they work in
A dog lover traveled over 1,000 miles to come to the rescue of an adorable malamute from China's brutal dog meat trade. Nikki Swannell, from Leeds in the U.K., a dog groomer, traveled to Paris and
Israel has the highest rate in the OECD countries of leg amputations due, among other reasons, to arterial blockages that are treated only partially or left untreated.Ordinarily, leg
The Loudonville community will come together Friday for a brave little boy, Jack Gannon. The six-year-old was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in February 2023. He has taken the fight to
A 14-year-old and her dad were rescued after she was unable to hike back to a trailhead in Oregon, officials said. The U.S. Coast Guard in Seattle received reports on June 16 of a teen who had
Slugs are the bane of my life in the garden. Eating hostas, chewing on fern leaves and feasting on my pole beans. They are persistent pests. And when the weather is wet they would cheer if they could
Matthew and Amy Shortridge are emphasizing the importance of knowing CPR after their toddler Mila wound up in their pool without any floatation devicesTwo North Carolina parents are speaking out
Utah’s Hogle Zoo has a brand new — and important — member of its gorilla family. The critically endangered baby named Addo was born at the end of May, and on June 13, the staff announced his name.
These days, passes for Disney and other major parks have crossed the three-figure threshold, while single-day tickets to big regional parks typically cost visitors $50 or more. Still, it's possible
(NewsNation) — Skywatchers could gain new insights about Stonehenge during a rare celestial event coming to the skies this summer solstice on Friday, June 21. Every midsummer’s night, tens of
There's only one thing Kenny Chesney fans might love more than seeing the country star in concert: witnessing the country star in concert alongside his adorable pup, Poncho. As part of his Sun Goes
CANNES – A new study on the use of artificial intelligence in the arts found that 81% of creatives believe AI will benefit their work, but a majority 71% agreed that regulation of the new

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