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(The Hill) — Worried about plastic pollution in your tap water? Try boiling it, a new study suggests. Boiling tap water can destroy at least 80 percent of three of the most common plastic
Though they’re meant to last a lifetime, baby names go through trend cycles. Names that were relegated to Jane Austen novels 20 years ago are common in kindergarten classrooms today. If you haven’t
Wildfires are ravaging the Texas Panhandle, threatening homes, farms and businesses and prompting evacuations of several towns. Several fires merged as of Thursday morning, creating the largest fire
It’s perfectly normal to feel down, or as though you’re not the most joyful version of yourself. In these moments, and in life in general, you might find yourself wondering how to be happy.
Cats are notorious for being a little quirky, but some take it a bit too far. A tabby cat from Germany has left the internet in stitches after his owner revealed what he does every time she sneezes,
A giant anaconda species thought to be the largest in the world has been captured deep in the Amazon of Ecuador by a team of scientists from The University of Queensland.
The children at Casa del Sagrado Corazon in El Paso aren't going to stay there very long. The temporary shelter is just one stop on a very long journey for them and their families − one
A group of squirrels went around this person's backyard, trying to find a way to get to the bird feeder. One of the squirrels attempted to climb the pole to reach the feeder but was unable to do so
With the One Piece live-action series being a hit and the new Avatar: The Last Airbender live-action series showing great promise, I think it’s safe to say that live-action remakes of classic
LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A healthier and tastier French fry and potato chip may be on the horizon. Researchers at Michigan State University say they’ve discovered a gene that forces potatoes to
We might not have snow blanketing the ground in Philadelphia this weekend, but we will get a chance to see the Snow Moon. One of the 12 annual full moons, the Snow Moon is seen each February. Here's
February is coming to an end this week, which means spring break is rapidly approaching for exhausted students nationwide. Every year, hordes of visitors escape to the
If you have ever known or loved a small dog, you're likely aware of their enormous personality. It's almost as if many don't comprehend their tiny size. Even larger dogs often feel intimidated by
Live musical performances speak to the soul, stimulating the brain in ways more powerful than listening to a recorded tune does, new research finds. "Our study showed that pleasant and unpleasant
PLAINS TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Cooking for a cause: That was the goal Monday in Luzerne County. The 13th Annual Cooking for a Cause was held in Plains Township at the Woodlands. The
From the tall Labradors and Retrievers to the small Pugs and Beagles, discover the best dogs for families
Five years after receiving a life-changing stem cell transplant, a 68-year-old man says he’s “extremely grateful” to be essentially cured of acute myelogenous leukemia and in HIV remission. “Many
A couple from Wiltshire have started offering free tea and coffee to families to help ease the "Monday blues".Leila and Mike Sarson-Rowe set up a coffee morning at the Christ Church in the Shaw
Two cats looking out their window are really confused after seeing a visitor at the bird feeder that was not what they expected to see. On February 25, 2024, TikTok user Colby & Claire (@colby
Despite the live music landscape being dominated by musicians marking album anniversaries and celebrating their various eras, there are still plenty of acts who remain vital and horizon-facing,

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